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Selective Proxy Routing with FoxyProxy Patterns

Blog - Ryne Hanson Don't send all your personal traffic to your intercepting proxy when you are testing a web app. Use patterns to choose what gets logged. Read More ›

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The Keys to the Florida Keys

Blog - Ryne Hanson The Florida Keys are a great winter getaway. If you are looking for some tips to help you plan your next trip, take a look! Read More ›

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Hello World

A little introduction so you know who I am, where I come from, and in a word...why. Read More ›

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Living Off the Land With DDE

Blog - Ryne Hanson A pen tester's guide to using native Windows programs and tools, specifically Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE), to excel in your next PenTest! Read More ›

infosec – Pentesting

Vulnerable By Design? Apache NiFi

Blog - Ryne Hanson A pentester's guide for combining Apache NiFi, and a hyperdrive to make the Kessel Run (aka execute a reverse shell) in <12 packets! Read More ›