Hello World

A little introduction so you know who I am, where I come from, and in a word...why.

When a programmer starts to learn a new language, the first thing they tend to write is a program that prints the words “Hello World” to the screen. It is more of a tradition than a useful exercise in what you can do with a programming language, but it also proves that you are set up and ready to go, maybe even ready to start a new adventure.

Well as it always seems to happen, different parts of life share a lot of common themes, and “Hello World” has found its way into my life outside of cyberspace. A few months ago, my family decided that we were tired of sitting in our house in San Antonio and needed to break out of our routine. It wasn’t that we were on the brink of poverty - far from it. We weren’t caught up in jobs that we hated or surrounded by people we couldn’t stand. Simply put, we just knew that there was more to life than the wake up, rinse, repeat cycle that plagued us. There was a whole range of possibilities available to us, but we were watching them fly by without ever considering there was something we could do about it.

I was fortunate to find a job that let me work from anywhere with an internet connection, and doubly fortunate to live in a world that has a craft coffee shop on almost every city corner. For a while, I worked on my couch, in my office at home, or just a couple blocks away - getting my Starbucks rewards on the regular. It was alright, but was I really living the life I wanted to? Was I using all of the advantages I had worked for to their fullest? I didn’t think so, and my wife agreed. It was time for a change.

On an evening drive in June of 2018, I was talking to my wife about what to do with the chance at freedom that we had been ignoring for so long. Like most people, we had plenty of excuses for setting aside an adventure in favor of things like “responsibilities” or “stability.” These are fine things to care about to be sure - but we knew they weren’t our calling. The whole world is out there after all, and we wanted to experience it.

So we sold, donated, or threw out almost everything we owned, and bought an RV. We upgraded our truck to tow our new home across the country and sold our house in a frenzy that could probably be described as reckless. For the past few months, we have been traveling up and down the interstate, having experiences and making memories that will last a lifetime with our daughter and dog.

We are still learning a lot about ourselves and how to live this crazy new life, but as things settle into place I can’t help thinking we are blazing the trail that will define our lives. No, it isn’t normal - nothing ever seems to be. It isn’t easy - few things worth doing are. What it is, though, is a chance to start something new. Make a new rulebook for our lives, and hopefully share it with those who might need it. And as everything comes together - as we finally get all the new pieces into their place - as the bugs are all fixed and we define our new environment, we are getting closer to learning a whole new language for life.

The only thing left to do is start. And the best way I know how to start is simply by saying:

“Hello World”

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